Sunday, March 7, 2010

Just Playing...

Currently my most used craft supplies are sitting on my dining room table in three totes. They landed there after returning from an OWH card crop at my LSS, Scrapbooks & Etc. Friday afternoon.  Tomorrow they will be traveling with me to Virgina for the week.  While I have a great craft room/area, it seems that I am more suited to be "a wandering crafter!"

Friday night, I'm playing on my computer, which is also on the dining room table, when I'm pretty sure I here this faint little voice coming from one of these totes!  This voice is saying, "I'm a new stamp and you must play with me! Quit reading boring emails and pull out an ink pad!"

Next thing I know I have half of all the supplies in these totes spread out and I'm making a card. I really intended on just stamping this flower image on scrap paper to see how long it would take to cut out.  Didn't take too long and then it laid there staring at me like, "now what?" Then I thought, "wouldn't it look good to have a flourish as a stem!" Here comes another set of stamps and inks.  Well, one thing led to another and 6 of these cards will make their way to my OWH shipper, Dixie.


  1. Wendy, I like your card very much and I really like the stamp. I looked on your LSS website but did not find it, so I assume it was an in-store only stamp. Can you please let me know who makes it? and the name if you have it? Very clever using the flourish and the twine is perfect! Thanks and blessings, Louise

  2. Louise, the flower and the sentiment were purchased in a scrapbook store in Florida a few weeks ago. It's a Hero Arts poly set (#CL 184). The flourish info I can't recall.

  3. Wendy, I love that your crafting supplies speak to you! That's a great stamp on a pretty card. What's that? I think I hear a voice in my craft room! I'm coming! I'm coming. Must go!

  4. I just love the flower. Never thought of stamping on PP. The flourish made a great stem/leaf combo! Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. Robin, I have resisted venturing into the world of Copics and other coloring mediums. My quick substitute is to stamp on patterned paper. Granted, I am limited to what type of images I can do this with but it definitely helps with getting rid of scraps!


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