Saturday, April 27, 2013

Tiny Tag #4

Ok, my mojo might be peeking around the corner! Today I had this crazy idea to use last Sunday's S&S Sketch for a tag! The sketch can be found here.

I'm pretty happy with my interpretation. I wish I could post it on the Stars & Stamps site to show how I "played along" but I don't think a tiny tag qualifies.

Three patterned papers, grunge board, ribbon, diamond glaze, metal embellishments, distress ink and rub-ons ... Oh boy did I have fun!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Tiny Tag #3

Starting earlier today I was hoping to post Tiny Tags #3, 4 and maybe even 5. But the first tag took so long to create I got frustrated and had to stop.

You're probably wondering why in the world this simple tag took so long to create. Who knew that Colorbox pigment ink (White Frost) NEVER dries! Ok, it might eventually dry but around the 5th attempt I got tired of re-stamping, waiting longer each time for it to dry only to smudge it again.

On the bright side, for the third day in a row I've worked with paper, LOTS of ink that never dries, adhesive and even did some embossing and blogged!

It's not my best, but I had fun...until I accidentally brushed across the stamp and it still isn't dry. So don't look at the picture too closely! ;-)

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Tiny Tag #2

Today's goal: Same as yesterday's. Use paper, adhesive, ink, maybe ribbon, perhaps an embellishment, etc.

The only ink used on this tag is Faded Jeans & Fired Brick Distress Inks. No stamping today but I did use a grundge board heart embellishment with glossy accents! (I need practice using glossy accents)

I had fun again today and it took just as long as yesterday to create, but I'm OK with that. 

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Does this blog still work?

It's been so long since I've posted anything, I'm not sure I remember how!

It's also be a very long time since I did anything crafty. In fact, I believe the last creative thing I did was to make gift card holders for Christmas gifts using a template given to me by my good friend Dixie.

Today I decided I was going to do something that involved paper, a stamp or two, some ink, maybe ribbon, adhesive, an embellishment, etc. I didn't want to pressure myself so I decided all I needed to do was to randomly create.

And I made a mess!

And oh boy did it take a long time to create this tiny tag...

But I sure did have fun! 

The house is all mine for the next couple of days, so I believe I'll leave my supplies right where they are as motivation to perhaps create some more. Maybe if I create enough little things, I will be inclined to make something a little larger, like a card or two!

Thanks for reading!