Sunday, September 13, 2015

Feeling A Little Misty

Friday, September 4, Labor Day Weekend. I was in Virginia preparing for a low key holiday weekend. Around 7:30a I let the dogs out and the sunlight on a perfectly crafted, very small web caught my attention. It was only about 3 inches in diameter. 

Armed with nothing by my iPhone6, my quest started. I became obsessed with getting a picture. It was so fine and small, the camera wouldn't focus on the web. I could see it, but the camera couldn't. Then it hit me...the web needed more definition. And what better way to achieve this?
I love these mini misters so much I have 6! I'll explain after showing my web pictures.

From the top.
If you look close, the itsy bitsy spider is right smack dab in the middle of the web.

From the bottom upward. 

So, why does a crafter need more than one (or three as sold) mini misters? Because this crafter has a craft area in Virginia and North Carolina. 

I also have two laundry rooms. Mini misters are great to spritz clothes in the dryer that you failed to jerk out when the dryer was immediately finished and are now wrinkled. Just a few spritzes and a couple more minutes of drying and the wrinkles are out.

The last two are in my travel cosmetic bag. One has perfume in it for that perfect spritz of smell well. The other is kept for water and used to mist luggage-wrinkled clothes once they are on hangers at the vacation destination. In just a couple of hours, you're wrinkle free!

Thanks for reading! Now go mini mist something!