Saturday, February 4, 2012

Two Saints, a John and Paula Deen

My husband and I, along with friends, boarded a cruise ship in Miami.  It was a cruise with "Paula Deen" and most of her family members.

It didn't take me long to jump into relaxation mode! This photo was taken while we were still in the Miami port.

After a couple of days at sea, we woke up in the beautiful port of San Juan. After that, it was on to St. Thomas and St. Maarten.

In San Juan, we found this very friendly dining establishment known for their Sangrias and this yummy tapas platter. Best chickpeas I've ever tasted (in the center, served with steak)!

In St. Thomas we were told the best margaritas and hamburgers were at a new establishment called "The Dawg House." The food was cooked out back and when it was ready, the cook would whistle like he was calling a dog to let the waitress know an order was up. It would never pass the health inspector where I live, but it was a pretty good burger. Just overlook the fact that they don't clean the fish tank often.

Over the span of the cruise, we "Rumba cruised" with Bobby Deen,

Saw beautiful sunsets,

Got plenty of up close and personal time with Paula Deen,

And of course had fruity drinks with cute umbrellas!

Then came home to lots of dirty laundry,

A head cold,

A slight scare with my mom that required an ER visit.
(thankfully turned out to only be vertigo)

And a closet in need of some much needed spring, summer, winter & fall cleaning!

Oh to be back on the "veranda" of that boat again...

Thanks for catching up with me!


  1. Ok, that relaxing photo story of your trip went downhill there at the end. Looks like the trip was a feast for the senses though. Glad you are feeling well enough to purge the closet!

  2. Overall it sounds like you had a blast Wendy and I enjoyed spending a few minutes with you there on that veranda...sighhh boy that looks really relaxing. :)

  3. Love your pictures!! Looks and sounds like you had a great trip. Thanks for sharing your goodies when you got back. Love you!


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