Saturday, April 2, 2011

S&S Sketch Challenges 60 & 61

Let me start by saying that I know the rest of ya'll have moved on and are currently playing with or even finished three mid-week challenges and sketch challenge 62.  I've been unable to craft for several weeks so I'm trying to catch up.  The goal was to do challenges 60, 61 and 62...that was until I saw that challenge 62 was a three-fer!  Helllooo!  I can't keep up with one sketch at a time, much less 3 in one week!  

So I took a deep breath and attacked the last two I missed.  Here are my interpretations.

Sketch 60

Sketch 61

Thanks for reading!  Have a great rest of the weekend...


  1. Nice cards Wendy! Both of these are so clean and simple. They're perfect for OWH. I give you credit for even attempting to 'catch up'. I am more of the 'start over now' type. LOL

  2. Love these cards! Nice job. Is that fabric or ribbon you used on the first card? Beautiful!

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  4. I am so loving sketch # 60. So tranquil!


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