Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Conversation Starter

Prompt for week 3 of Journal 52. All I could think of was the recent and frequent conversations I've been having with my Aunt, who's more like an older sister being only 8 years older than me, about a Family Reunion that I have instigated.

My grandfather, Faison, is going to be 89 yrs old on February 2. Last year I started feeling a strong sense of need to get the family, the whole family, together for a fun few days before we all get too old to do so.

Organizing this reunion with my Aunt has been the most fun. The questions and requests we've been hearing from other family members has us laughing, sometimes uncontrollably, very often. 

Most of our conversations have been over the phone and usually start like this, "Can you talk?" "Yes." "Is it Wine-thirty?" "Yes." "Red or White?" "Yes." Then the laughter, along with some very good party planning, begins.

This is my interpretation: 

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  1. Cheers! Your reunion is going to be fabulous! This journal entry will make you smile every time you look at it...good memories of a fun time.


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