Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Mighty Ambitious

The idea of a picture and blog post each day for 2012 was pretty ambitious, I will admit. I felt like I go and do and travel and see so much, it would be easy. But I've come to realize that just having a camera nearby doesn't mean you'll be ready (or have the opportunity) to snap the picture.

For instance, I was driving up Fancy Gap Mountain at 65mph and passed a woman driving and doing a crossword puzzle at the same time. I really wanted that picture but didn't want to be as unsafe as she was being. Then there was the hummingbird that hovered at the window momentarily. Dang they are quick!

This personal challenge, however, has encouraged me to take more pictures than I normally would and that's a good thing. Now if I could work on blogging more often and combine the two, these posts wouldn't be so long!

Here's a few of my favorite pictures since I last posted. Thanks for taking a look!

My brother-in-law, Jeff, was looking for the bald eagle occasionally seen flying around while Daisy watched the nephews play in the yard.

David and Jeff do a dry run assembling a blind that came with no instructions... 
"Dude, I'm serious. There are no instructions, only this picture on the box." 
(they assembled it easily & quickly)

When you're not a baker, chances are you don't own a rolling pin so you improvise!

Perhaps if they're in my way to the car, I'll remember to take plastic bags to recycle & reusable bags to use!

This giant tow truck,

Backed down this curvy driveway. And it turns out the car didn't need towing!

My very funny, youngest nephew. I love this kid bunches!

Have a blessed day!


  1. OK, I really did laugh out loud at the rolling pin! These are terrific pics, and I enjoyed the stories that accompanied them. 2 post in one week! You go, girl!


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