Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Year in Pictures

One picture, every day, for a year. Add to that a blog post to share the picture and why I took it.

This is what I've decided to attempt for 2012. I'm excited to try this challenge. My hope is it will slow me down so I might see all the blessings that are given me on a daily basis.

While I hope to post beautiful pictures, I know that's not very realistic seeing how some photos may come from my phone or iPad or the camera flash might not work, etc.  This isn't a photo contest.  It's a personal quest.

I am already aware that I won't be able to post photos daily sometimes due to travel. In those instances I will upload a group of photos in one post when I get internet access.

I hope you'll enjoy this adventure as much as I think I will!

All of that said, it's time to get started.  What better place to start than on a Sunday at Church...

When in town, this is where I look forward to being on Sunday mornings, Harrisburg United Methodist Church.  My sister and her family have been members for a while and I've been attending for a few years. I've not officially joined, but everyone there makes me feel like family.  It's a wonderful Church!

I can't wait to see what moves me tomorrow.  Thanks for coming on this photo journey with me!



  1. Oh, my goodness! You have taken on quite the challenge. It will be fun to see what you pick to post. Good luck! Great way to start, by the way.

  2. Love this! Both the idea and the first picture. I wondered why you were taking that shot. I figured I would see it somewhere!


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