Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My dogs

This is Zoe.  She's a black lab, dalmatian mix. We picked her out of a litter over 11 years ago because she was a female and because I loved her markings.

Zoe likes to eat paper products -- boxes, tissues, books and magazines.  We affectionately call her "goat dog." 

Recently, I have discovered that if I leave a personal item such as my bedroom slipper or a tennis shoe for her to "take," she is less likely to attack paper products when I (we) leave the house.  She'll move the shoe around the house but won't chew on it at all.  Must be a "security blanket" thing.

But "goat dog" has another habit that is totally funny... she sits on the ottoman.  If she's waiting on me to let her out or feed her breakfast, or first thing in the mornings when she's not fully awake, she'll sit on the ottoman.

Sometimes she sits so far back, her hind legs stick straight out towards her front legs.

I love Zoe the goat-dog, bunches.  I really hate that she's becoming a "senior dog."  I see old age affecting her especially during times like this when we have snow, ice and generally cold weather.

Zoe has a German Shepherd "sister," Jesse.  Jesse is just as beautiful, just as old, but not nearly as destructive nor does she have bizarre ottoman habits.  She is, however, smart as all get out and is the sweetest shepherd you will ever meet.  She loved to play fetch but she's becoming a "senior dog" too.   She has back problems and has been a real trooper in dealing with them. She's not fond of the snow and ice either!

Thanks for reading!  Go get crafty!



  1. Beautiful pictures of the girls. I can't believe Zoe sits like that. Funny!

  2. Very touching story,I can tell how much you love them.

  3. You weren't kidding when you said you went blog crazy! Dang! I love that first pic of Zoe.

  4. Too funny! Beautiful dogs, Wendy. Reminded me of Mollie, she used to sit on pillows.


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