Sunday, January 9, 2011

News Flash!

You should never, ever, ever try to create a card when, a) you're not feeling particularly crafty and b) you try to be crafty with only scraps on your desk that don't compliment each other!

If you do you'll end up with something as unattractive as this!

It started as simply playing with a new background stamp I recently purchased.  Then, while on the computer looking at a current radar (we're suppose to be getting snow tonight) I remembered it was Sunday so I went to check out the S&S Sunday sketch.

Maybe tomorrow we will get snow and I will give this another shot!  I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend!  Stay warm!


  1. I'm so with you on your observation about trying to make a card while tired and with only scraps on your desk. Add to that the fact that you might only have a 6 x 6 inch spot even clear enough on your desk to assemble the card and you've got my situation. Well before today anyway after spending two days working on my craft room which STILL isn't done! I don't think your card looks bad at all, but also completely understand!

  2. Wendy, this is not as bad as you're thinking it is. I'd add one more element. Maybe a cord, string or ribbon around the bottom of the note page and I'm betting you'll like it. Don't fret... you're entitled to a lot of warm up when you craft! :)

  3. Would you believe I too have been working on three of the ugliest cards know to man!! Twice I've headed to the trashcan only to wonder why this is that hard. The cards are taking a break and so am I. I'll sleep better knowing you are on snow watch. By the way what type of ink do you use for stamping? Mine keeps smugging.

  4. I'm your friend. I will tell the truth. This is not your best work. Bet I can do worse though. I love that edger punch.


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