Monday, February 8, 2010

What a fun weekend

Last week my sister and I worked at our favorite scrapbook store, Scrapbooks & Etc., so that the owner could set sail on the high seas.  It was hard work too...hard to sit and make cards all day, each day!

I did actually do some work on the store's blog, my blog, a brochure for a new group at Church, etc.  But I did manage to get these two cards made for Operation Write Home (OWH).

I made 14 of these

And 10 of these

Tomorrow there is a schedule OWH crop at the store and Wednesday there is always a free crop.  I'm planning to get a lot of play time in both days.  Thursday, hubby and I head to Florida for business and to visit some friends.  

I will be without craft supplies for 10 days!  YIKES!  If we were driving, I might would take some of my supplies.  Instead, I will have to do the next best thing --  be on the hunt for scrapbook stores everywhere I go while down there! 

Thanks for reading.  Hope you have a wonderful week.

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  1. Great cards, Wendy! Again!

    No crafting toys on the trip? The next best thing is to take lots of pictures!


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